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What to Expect When Getting Invisalign

smiling manA smile could be the most important nonverbal cue you can use to communicate. Smiles are infectious and people tend to smile back even for no apparent reason. You don’t really have to understand why the other person is smiling for the part of your brain responsible for the same to flare up instantly. An irregular dental structure can be a deterrent to a perfect smile that could ruin the moment. Don’t panic though because modern science and medicine has got you covered. Now you can rectify your smile without that unbecoming tin grin. Imagine, being able to get your perfect smile back hassle free and without drawing too much attention.

Well, for many years, only metal braces were used to restore crooked teeth to a perfect dental formula. Now, science and state of the art innovation has led to the invention of a better option that achieves the same if not better results but is literally invisible. Invisalign brackets work by the same pressure principle as metal braces except they hardly noticeable and are by far more comfortable. Here is why this revolutionary new technology is what everyone is talking about. Find out what to expect from the entire process and how to go about finding the newest smile in town.

First appointment for Invisalign, what to expect

The purpose of this first visit to your Minot dentist is to determine if you are qualified as a candidate for the procedure.  Your doctor will ask you a few leading questions plus a few harmless x-ray imaging or CT scans to determine the nature of your misalignment. Together, you will deliberate on the best course of action and the treatment plan and schedule that best suits your lifestyle.

Once the initial assessment is complete, you will be fully aware of the treatment schedule and the costs that you might incur during the entire treatment period. Also, be sure to check whether your health insurance covers for at least part of the total cost of the procedure and if the clinic works with the insurer. Normally, there will be several payment plans to choose from depending on your prevailing financial situation or your preferred method of payment.

The second appointment –the follow-up.

During this session with your Minot cosmetic dentist, more descriptive imaging of your interior mouth structure will be carried out. This involves 3-D rendering to create a virtual model of your mouth indicating how each tooth needs to move in order to re-align properly. These are then sent to the special lab where your own unique Invisalign trays are made.

During this session, the doctor may see it fit to attach some dots to increase pressure on a tooth that may need more persuasion to move. Ordinarily, you will not require these but even if you do, they are barely noticeable especially when the trays are correctly placed.

The fitting procedure

Invisalign trays are removable unlike metal ones and therefore take a very short time to learn how to insert them yourself. This session involves practicing how to insert and remove  the trays yourself , you will be issued with some detailed instructions on how to maintain oral hygiene keeping the aligners clean during the treatment period. Obviously, since the trays are removable, any success with them depends on your personal dedication to the process.

How long till I have to change the Invisalign trays?

Initially there will be level of discomfort and pain since the trays are made not to fit your teeth structure but to shift them around. Gradually the pain will diminish as your teeth obey and in two weeks’ time they will be feeling very comfortable. When they do, it’s time to change them again! Mild painkillers should help you sleep better if the pain level doesn’t let you. Also, you will be surprised how much role your teeth play in pronunciations. You might start having slight slips and problems pronouncing certain sounds. Over time you will find that you can practice to overcome the challenges.

How to clean Invisalign aligners

Be sure to stick to the Kemmet Dental hygiene schedule and actually adhering to it are two different things. Again with practice and diligence, you will find that every time you brush your teeth you also remember to brush your trays. It’s hard to forget with your trays inserted. Food simply cannot be allowed to build up on the trays as this causes serious damage. You cannot comfortably chew gum as well since it is nearly impossible to remove from the trays.

Removing Invisalign trays

If these were traditional metal aligners, you would have no option but to retain them on for 24/7 until the treatment is complete. On the other hand, Invisalign aligners are more comfortable since you can remove them when you need to use your teeth for heavy duty crunching and grinding. It takes a little more dedication to putting them on even when you are not really feeling like it. In the end you should be able to achieve your alignment goals in time. On the plus side, you will not have a cavity problem waiting for you once you are done if you maintain your hygiene schedule.

Where to get Invisalign dental braces

Now that you know how Invisalign works and its merits, you should definitely book a consultation with your best dentist in town. This first consultation will reveal more information so that you can make a more informed choice on the best treatment plan for your needs. Forget metal braces that offer too much strain to your teeth and limitations to your diet. You can achieve the same results with this invisible technology so that you can restore your smile without drawing too much attention to your orthodontic problem. Invisalign is the way to go for adults and teenagers seeking to perfect their bite and smile with minimal hassle and also get lasting results. It may take slightly longer but it’s totally worth it in the long run.